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Hi, I'm April

Your Virtual Branding & Marketing Assistant.

Why Do I Need A
Virtual Branding & Marketing Assistant?

I know what you are thinking, "what exactly is a Virtual Assistant, and do I really need one?"

As a Virtual Assistant, I help small to mid-size businesses with their day-to-day marketing tasks. I carefully pair myself with companies who need assistance with light to moderate marketing and branding tasks. I take the daunting task off of your plate so that you can focus on more critical aspects of your business. Not only do I make clients' lives easier, but I save them time and money. 

Would you like to free up your time?


What Is a Digital Brand Manager?

I Help People.

That's essentially what I am here for. To help.


I help small to mid-size businesses by removing daunting marketing tasks from your to-do list, growing and nurturing their digital audiences, increase brand awareness and sales. I help ensure that your digital branding and marketing are cohesive and influential.

What does working with me look like?

  1. 30 min Strategy Call - We will briefly chat to ensure we are a match.

  2. Client Onboarding - We'll complete your onboarding. 

  3. 1 hr Discovery Call - It's essential that I learn as much about your business and goals as much as possible. During this call, I'll ask a lot of questions but I'll also be listening.

  4. Strategize - For businesses that have zero marketing strategy established, I'll take time to formulate the best marketing strategy.

  5. Off We Go - Once the strategy has been approved, we are off to the races.

  6. Check-ins - We will check in weekly via email and bi-weekly via call. 

Are you ready to free up your time, and increase brand awareness and sales?


DSC_0674 (1)-2.jpg

Shorten your to do list!


Doing Everything Yourself Is A Waste Of Time ...

As your dedicated Virtual Branding & Marketing Assistant, I have the skills and experience it takes to take care of tasks that aren't a good use of your time, like these:


Managing your email and SMS campaigns

Managing your content calendars

Managing and optimizing your social ads

Managing your branding using design tools like Canva

Creating and automating your digital sales funnel

Creating and optimizing your social media strategy

Light website editing

And More!



Service Offerings

Are you interested yet? Check out my service offerings below.



Ideal for businesses and business owners who have a light need for marketing assistance on an ongoing basis.


Ideal for businesses that are not quite ready for a new team member but still have marketing-related questions and concerns. 


Ideal for businesses and business owners who are not ready for a new team member but need assistance with narrowing down their marketing efforts and goals.

Let's Work!

Let's Work



April helped me organize my desires into actual goals and define not only my business’s purpose but the qualities that make it stand out.



April helped me to truly find my purpose and realign myself with my goals. Her branding strategy was thorough and the process was exciting!



I greatly appreciate April's creativity and guidance in rebranding Timmor's Tempting Treatz! She was reliable and prompt with her service. Thank you!!!

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